SEVEN BILLION ENEMIES is born in 2010, from the meeting of Gregory Shaff (drummer), Johann A. (singer), Michel Guldner (guitarist), Olivier Szymanski (guitarist) and Sandra Killian (bassist).

Their creative minds were oriented in the same direction and they decided to set up a new band, in a grunge-rock / neo-metal style.

The first demos got out a few months later, but the project ended in a long hiatus after the singer had to move away for professionnal reasons.


In 2014, time came for more stability. Johann, Michel and Olivier decided to get back together to their passion. The demo project got worked on again, and new compositions were on the roadmap. As they had no drummer nor bassist, Michel learned to replace them artificially in his DAW. He also focused hard into learning the music production processes. In the meantime, Olivier refined his talent for the arrangements.

Soon after, Johann met the professional drummer Nicolas Kieffer and showed him his old records. Nicolas decided to take the drummer seat in a heartbeat. Then, he recorded the existing drum parts again and began to work on the new compositions.


Eric Pirricilli finally joined the band in 2017, he succesfully added his touch to the quartet and allowed it to move forward.


In 2018, armed with full indie powers, their project is now to release a full album on their own, in a particular manner : 1 song every 3 months.

You can already taste their medicine in the “LISTEN” section, with the first offical video clip “Adrift”.

There will be more soon. So stay tuned for the next release !


Credits :

Eric : Bass
Johann : Lyrics / Web / Video editing
Michel : Guitar / Production / Video editing
Nicolas : Drums
Olivier : Guitar / arrangements

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